Plannee awards

Thank you for your interest in submitting a nomination for the Plannee Awards for The Planners Suite LIVE 2020. Please review the following guidelines to ensure your submission is received correctly:


To ensure your entry is eligible and successful please fully review and follow the entry process.  

  • All entries must be submitted individually through the form below. 

  • Entrant’s company legally registered in the state of origin 

  • Event Dates: The event must have occurred between July 1, 2018-June 20, 2019  

  • Anonymity: 

    • Awards will be judged based on written content & visual collateral not on who is submitting event.   Entrant's or vendor partners company name/logo may not appear anywhere in the entry submission ie. content or visual collateral. 

    • If company names/logos appear in the content or visual collateral the submission will be disqualified.  Entrant will be notified of the disqualification. Fees for disqualified entries are not refundable



  • Early Bird Submission: $75.00 fee per entry (July 8th-September 15th)

  • Regular Submission: $100.00 fee per entry (September 16th-October 16th)


  • Each Company may submit up to TWO entries per category (entry fee applies to each application submitted) 

  • Each Company may submit the same event in a maximum of TWO different categories

  • Maximum of FIVE submissions will be accepted per Event Awards & Specialty Awards  


  • Take time to review Entry Guidelines to further ensure the success of your application. 

  • Gather your visual collateral materials and begin writing a draft of your content.
    *Once you are satisfied with your written content simply “copy & paste” into the appropriate text boxes and upload your visual collateral into the application. 

  • Do not wait until the week of the deadlines to begin this process.  Once you begin the submission process it must be completed at that time.  There is no reset or do over. Submissions will be considered complete with all questions answered and payment received.  

  • Any submission without complete information will be discarded. (Entry fee non-refundable)


Judges will be selected by the Awards Planning Committee from a selection of professional industry leaders throughout the country and will remain anonymous.  

Up to three (3) nominees in each event category and (1) winner in each specialty award will be notified on November 4, 2019. The awards will be presented at the TPSLIVE Awards Gala on Wednesday, January 28, 2020 at The Hotel at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.  Tickets are the sole responsibility of the nominee and will be available online at

Submission Process

The use of company/vendors in the written content is not mandatory.  Content should summarize the event without specific names of vendors/venues.  Focus on the products, services and experience that the vendor partners provided to create the clients vision/goal. 

For example: Melissa & Jared’s November Wedding was held at a 5-Star Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. 

In the written content portion, the use of “you/your company” should reflect the efforts, products, and services of the team as a whole, focused on those of the participating vendor partners. 

Entry Questions 

  1. Event Review Summary: Describe companies  involvement in the execution of the event and you or your companies unique approach to its execution, as defined by the category, 8,000 characters, approximately 1,000 words. (20 points)

  2. WOW Factor: Provide a summary/review of the goods/services you and/or vendor team provided that provided the WOW Factor for the event (500 words - 25 pts) 

  3. Vision & Goals: Describe your Client’s goals/visions and how you accomplished them. (250 words - 25pts) 

  4. Visual Story: upload 10-12 professional photos of the event (25pts) 

Visual Collateral

  • Upload 10-12 professional photos that best showcases your event (format JPG or PDF). 

  • Please note collage image, social media post or published articles will not be accepted. 

  • Please ensure your or vendor partners company name, brand or logo is not visible on any of the submitted collateral.

Budget Spreadsheet

Only if your entry category has a budget requirement, you are required to use the provided template.  Your budget MUST be uploaded as the first piece of collateral. Budget categories are for the full retail or market value at the time of the event. Any donated products or services should also be included at full retail or market value.


Judges scoring will be based on a maximum of 100 points (up t0 75 points for written summary and 25 points for visual collateral). 

Please complete the form below

Please note that your entry will not be considered complete without the full payment.