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Thank you for your interest in speaking at The Planners Suite LIVE Experience.

By applying, speakers agree to the following:

  • Please note we are not offering speaker fees at this time however speakers have the opportunity to be compensated via our Speaker Affiliate Program (more details will be provided once confirmed as a speaker).

  • Speakers will provide 1-3 samples/ clips/ recordings of past speaking engagements.

  • Speakers will submit their final PowerPoint content three weeks before the Conference date. Your content includes all visuals and/or other elements of your talk.

  • Speakers will attend 1-2 mandatory conference calls in the final month and weeks before the conference.

  • Speakers will sign the speaker waiver. Each speaker must affirm that they are the sole author of their presentation, that they own all rights to the content in their presentation, which they will inform you about any third-party material in their presentation, and that use of their presentation won't violate the rights of any third party. If you are selected as a speaker after turning in your application, you will receive an email where you can sign your Speaker Waiver and commitment form. Signing this waiver and completing the commitment form confirms your acceptance as a speaker.

What speakers need to know?

  • Decide what speaker level you are applying for:

    • Main Stage Speaker (conceptual learning, speak from the stage, 45 mins with Q&A, all attendees)

    • Workshop Trainer (execution and exercise hands on learning, interactive, 90 minutes, 30-40 attendees per session)

  • At the event you will sit in an area for all speakers which will grant you access to the stage easily. You are encouraged to stay for the whole event, and to mingle during breaks and at the closing reception.

  • During the talk the talk must not go over the allotted time (provided by conference director on case-by-case basis). We will cue you when your time has run out.

  • After the talk you are expected to remain at the event throughout the day; at minimum, you're expected to stay through the conversation break following your talk, so attendees can approach and ask questions.


If you should have any questions regarding becoming a speaker for The Planners Suite 2020, please contact us at info@plannerssuite.com.


The application deadline is July 30, 2019. Selected speakers may be asked for a phone interview during the selection process and all selected speakers will be notified by August 30, 2019. 

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