the planners suite conference day two

Once again, the incomparable Natalie Fikes opened up with a burst of energy to set the tone. Followed by Jon’ll and Laurie who put on quite a show for attendees. They acted out a few scenarios showing the “Don’ts” of networking - something many may not have realized. This performance was followed by a praise break by the one and only Darryl Wilson. Darryl had an entire presentation ready, and changed it the night before - and decided to share his testimony with attendees to remind them that they must define their mountain top!

Jon’ll then took the stage to help planners climb their mountain by answering their “Ask Jon’ll” cards. Questions such as team building and finding balance helped more planners get a better understanding on where they’re going as far as their next steps.

Next planners were headed back to their Round Tables to learn more about Pricing Structures, Industry Trends, and Technology in Business - special thanks to Ten23 designs for the table signs that helped make finding each discussion much simpler! After their chats, it was once again time for lunch - this time highlighting TPS Rising Stars, as well as some special thanks to The Bridal Society and TPS Committee. Once all the cheers and tears were finished - planners got to the REAL stuff with the Expert Planner Panel which included Brian Green of By Brian Green, Tiffany Chalk of Tiffany Chalk Events, and Christina Chapuis of Wink Design and Events. They shared transparently and openly about how they started from the bottom but were able to rise!

Once back downstairs - planners were greeted with another of Nichelle’s workouts to get the minds and bodies back on track! Kirsten Palladino then took the stage to talk about the importance on equality in the wedding industry and teach planners how to cater to the LGBT+ community. Laurie then came back out to get serious with planners about how the lack of integrity could truly be damaging to their business! We kept the afternoon rolling with Jill Abruzzo of XEDO - who asked planners - “Who wants to add revenue to their business?!” To wrap up the day, Nirjary Desai’s colorful presentation on debunking and simplifying the prep and planning of South Asian weddings was eye popping and informative.

Another day filled with planners reminding planners why they must continue to dare to dream! So how does one finish out such an amazing 3 days of events - by telling attendees our next stop….ORLANDO!

We want to thank every attendee, speaker, and creative partner that helped make the 3rd Annual Planners Suite Conference such a huge success! We are because you continue to be! We can’t wait to see you in the sunshine state!